Monday 9 November 2009


There's a great, easy-peasy cone puppet project over on giddy giddy's blog. I love puppets, of any description, and these peek-a-boo people look fun to make and decorate. Do take five minutes to browse this new-to-me journal boasting some nice craft ideas for kids. US company giddy giddy sells super-cute hair accessories, purses and backpacks which can all be found here.


  1. these are so cute. love their outfits. happy week! p.s. i can´t stop reading- it´s a treasure trove of fun finds here! besos!

  2. Love puppets too - these are great! Thanks for the link. K

  3. how fitting, we're thinking of building a puppet theatre for xmas present...whether we'll succeed is another matter... all i know is that there's a 4y old girl expecting xmas magic...


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