Monday 2 November 2009

The Bright Red Star

More Christmassy things... this time I've found a lovely collaborative book written by Buenos Aires-based artist/graphic designer Yael Fran. The Bright Red Star is a simple and spiritual story full of animals and friends and brings together the work of 14 etsy artists in a similar vein to the "We are..." etsy colouring books.

"On Christmas Eve, little Anna was trying to hang a bright red star on top of the tree. But she was very very very short and could not reach the top..."

If you're not familiar with Fran's work, make a bee-line for her shop and blog and enjoy! I spied some wonderful, affordable gifts and stocking fillers this morning, including this new accordian count to 10-learning numbers book. Watch Pinocchio's nose grow as you unfold the book and count to ten with your children.

Yael Fran's mini-colouring book would make another sweet present

as would these quirky purse holders/wallets (save money if you buy a set of three)

and these fun "talk to me finger" puppets for quarreling couples.

Happy shopping!


  1. Deborah, this is wonderful - in your last few posts you have just pointed me in the direction of so many great Christmas, for myself....

  2. These are all so delightful and the finger puppets are a fabulous hoot!!

  3. Yes - the colouring book for the kids would be great - and the wallets!

  4. These look fabulous - great find! K

  5. very cute selection, the Pinocchio book reminds me of Sara Fanelli

  6. Toujours de jolies trouvailles ici, trop. La liste s'allonge de façon inconsidérée;-)


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