Friday 13 November 2009


Nordic Needlework

Australian Bushland

My Australian readers won't be surprised to see this brilliant design company on my blog. Just look at those patterns! Zaishu Studio make these stylish Japanese-inspired seat-tables from eco-sustainable native Australian Hoppie Pine. The name Zaishu is derived from the Japanese word 'zaisu' which refers to a seat without legs used in traditional homes.Their seat-table was inspired by the slot-together wooden beams found in Japanese Buddhist temples as well as the Japanese respect for natural materials and rationalization of forms.
Placing five panels of a Zaishu seat/table flat on the floor references the lines and curves of a traditional Japanese Kimono dress.

Sturdy but lightweight, artistic but functional, handpainted, handprinted and easy-to-assemble, these Zaishu seat-tables seem perfect. A suivre...

Found via Inaluxe


  1. Yes! I would use those!! But I'm biased!

  2. They are well-known here, it's true - but oh so nice to see them every time! I love the way they can accommodate any design. Great post Deb. Kx


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