Saturday 7 November 2009


Spider, spider
spin your web

Beautiful photos taken by Fanny from the must-see Les Contours du Silence

Children, children
weave your woods

"A Walk in the Woods", Devon, May 2006
Large sculptural installation orchestrated by Emily Garnham Wright involving pupils and the general public. Natural coloured threads were attached to the woodland framework, running between trees and branches, looping, stretching and tangling, creating a huge woodland web.

Emily, Emily,
thread your land

Wonderful wall-hangings and sculptures inspired by landscapes, created from cotton thread and copper wire, by UK artist Emily Garnham Wright

Emily's work found via Pacha Design


  1. This is just breath-taking Deb.... such a beautiful, magical post. Thank you. K

  2. emily's work is beautiful, isn't it. we are looking forward to doing Art Bazaar with her on the 13th.

  3. Quel plaisir de retrouver ici le travail de mes chères voisines-araignées ! Les photos se répondent vraiment bien, et j'aime tout particulièrement "a walk in the woods" d'Emily Garnham Wright. Une vraie belle mise en lumière !


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