Thursday 19 November 2009

Off the beaten track

Pine-needle free Totem Christmas tree by Kidsontheroof

French calendar garlands from Home & Vintage

Coffee sack stockings - Maya made

Red fairy lights made from recycled eggboxes and water bottles from Eco-Age

Love Conquers All Christmas ornament, Fight Cancer store
Please read this!

Hate Cancer Love a Cure Christmas ornament, Fight Cancer Store

Check Out Your Boobies Christmas ornament, Fight Cancer store

Handwoven and assembled paper garland made from catalogues, magazines and mail
La Alicia

Pack of 6 Estonian organic wool decorations from Eco-Age


  1. loved the organic wool decorations!

  2. I saw the paper christmas tree in Amsterdam at the art fair, it looks very nice

  3. love these decorations, the coffee sack stockings are wonderful!

  4. These are just divine, Deb. Great finds :) K

  5. Que de douceur dans ce choix d'articles de Noël!

  6. The ornaments and the stockings...c'est jolie!

  7. wauu!how inspiring is all these to beguin to prepare the christmas...full of detailles made by hand and full of love!!!!!mil gracias!!!!besos!!!!!

  8. I'd be in for making those garlands... but luckily someone else has made them so I can just relax and go buy them!!
    Your Fight Cancer ones don't show up for me...

  9. The eco age decorations are lovely.


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