Tuesday 17 November 2009

Cathie Joy Young

The Announcement

Fishes and Eaters


Portland-based artist Cathie Joy Young's mixed media pieces are wonderful. I love these three combining ballpoint pen, marker and acrylic on old paper and wood in particular. Check out Cathie's website and etsy store for more examples of her mixed media work and acrylic paintings then take a peek at her blog, The Spout, over here.

A big thanks to Hazel for introducing me to Cathie's work.


  1. Thank you Deborah for the plug :)
    I so appreciate it-
    I will follow your blog ~ interesting stuff here!

  2. Hello,
    just found your blog from the comment on another blog about a gorgeous Polish book! I could spend ages looking through all your lovely finds!
    I'm also a yorkshire lass, but now live in London. We have a place in the Dordogne via my family, so there are a few connections here! Super blog x


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