Thursday 5 November 2009

Armel Barraud

French artist Armel Barraud weaves wonderful wall hangings and sculptures from wire. Inspired by traditional, international spindle lace-making techniques, she 'draws' animals, people and scenes using silver and metal thread.
Reinterpreting classical themes, Barraud's 'wall whispers" (mur, mur), depicting characters floating up to heaven in hot-air balloons, laundry women, virgins and moon-men, are sheer poetry, designed for individual homes, walls and surfaces. I love the idea that her wire work evolves, playing with light and shadow, changing and telling its story throughtout the day.
Her work will be on show at Vanves Theatre, Paris, until 22 November.

Found via Handmade (in) France


  1. I love the work of Armel Barraud, thank you for sharing it with us :o). I want to find out more! Thanks for all comments recently too. I've been away since my weekend posts and now catching up!

    Bye for now
    Carolyn ♥

  2. merci pour ton passage chez moi!
    je découvre ton blog....quelle merveille!
    je m'abonne immédiatement!
    à bientôt

  3. Such creative use of negative and postive space.
    I am really intrigued by this artist.

  4. I'm always so fascinated by wire art - it is ingenious and there's something so poetic about it too. Thanks for sharing these Deb. K


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