Sunday 22 November 2009

La Reine Dagobert

I have fallen in love with French company La Reine Dagobert's work. Mice carpets made from old postal bags, wierd and wonderful insect and animal cushions, little softies that go by the name of Otto and Giraffe-women forest dolls await you at this original address. A selection of la Reine Dagobert's products can be found here and here. Bon voyage!

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  1. What lovely scrumptious things. I want to carry on making when I see things like this.

    Do you know the french artist Manon Gignoux (now that you're in france!?) - I discovered her through Selvedge magazine.

    Do visit some time. blog at: and website at:

    I have so many different interests I find it hard to encompass them all!!!

    Thanks for sharing.



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