Sunday 8 November 2009

Countdown to Christmas

What do you think about this fabric countdown advent calendar from Habitat? I like its no-fuss, minimalist design, reminiscent of vintage counting blocks, that's bound to make a statement in any room. Bright, modern and clean looking with big pockets for goodies galore, I think Habitat's new perpetual calendar will be a winner this Christmas.

Found at the excellent Bambino Goodies


  1. I went to Habitat couple of weeks ago and I really did like the christmas collection...

  2. I'm busy making one that's a bit more fiddly than that ...May just give up and go and buy the one you're showing!! We've still got a bit of time until the countdown though!

  3. I think it is really cute! I was able to find a vintage advent calendar at a thrift store - but by vintage I might mean closer to 1980 - it is a little wacky but fun. Almost time to start counting down the days!


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