Sunday 29 November 2009

Let's play

A few more gift ideas for kids

Beautiful wool and felt bird mask (one of several) from ateliersreinette

Animal hands temporary tatooes from Colloco

Indian set by Toys Pure from the French treasure-trove Madame La Marchande
(bought this last year for Miles and he loves it!)

Jean and felt guitar softie from the Grateful Thread

A selection of fun, retro games and jokes for stocking fillers from Tree House Blue

Owl house family sewing kit from Buttonbag

Felt indian headdress (one of three models) from ateliersreinette


  1. Aren't those finger puppets just adorable? Is it alright to be well into my fifties and want one??????? :O)

  2. plein de créativité,j'aime beaucoup.


  3. Want to play with that Indian set.

  4. I love the finger puppets from Lilibulle!!! I just love finger puppets in fact... I have a little collection that interests me more than my kids.

  5. Those monster finger-puppets make me laugh! Just look at their expressions!

  6. j'adore ce jeu d'échec !!!

  7. Some great kids' gift ideas here - I've been meaning to post about the hand puppet tattoos - so clever. xx

  8. I like this retro games very much, i am always looking for vintage things, I so much want to got to France to get some nice antiques linens and things, would you recommend me a few good places? Towns?

  9. Oh, my... I'm absolutely loving the blocks, the Indian set, the owls, and the pirates! Awesome finds!

  10. Hard to choose, so many great pieces! but as big fan of animals, I'd say the felt bird mask and the animal hands are simply amazing;)


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