Friday 20 November 2009


Little Red Riding Hood

Kitchen puzzle

Fat and Thin soft toys

Mice memory game

And this? What's this? misfits game

Giant mouse soft toy

CD-based colouring book

If you're looking for something original for your children this Christmas, have a look at this fantastic Polish store Kalimba. Natka Lumiak started her business after making toys for her daughter Hela. Inspired by her traditional childhood, she has built up an amazing range of handcut, sewn and painted softies, dolls, games, musical instruments, wooden toys... with a fresh, contemporary feel.
If you're lucky enough to live in Warsaw (Isabelle!) you can enjoy a cuppa in her Kofifi house, where all kinds of Mother-Child story-telling and artistic events and exhibitions are held.
Looks like a great address, and that's the nicest Little Red Riding Hood I've ever seen!


  1. Que ferais-je sans toi !!!
    Je ne connais pas encore mais j'y file très vite et te raconterai ... bon week end !!

  2. Wow, lovely, love little Red and the giant mouse!, thanks for the link.

    Ooo just looked at above comment, my 3rd year french doesn't serve me well, although I understand Bon Week end!!... ooo je voudrais une sandwiche de jambon? or OOO eh le bonk? ( yeah your impressed right?!!)

  3. Love little red riding hood!!x

  4. Why is little red riding hood just so appealing?
    Love all of these toys.

  5. LRR is getting modern - it looks to me like she's saying 'No way Mummy, I'm not walking all that way to Grandma's house!' Ahh - she's got attidude ;-)

  6. Nice story on Kalimba in Warsaw.
    Have you seen Bajo wooden toys in Krakow?



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