Monday 16 November 2009


Jug slip cover

Small jug slip covers

Tall jug/bottle slip cover

I always get so excited when I see something like this, something new, fresh and innovative. Originally trained in ceramics, UK artist/crafter The Cotton Potter has found herself being increasingly drawn to working with textiles. She likes to create pieces that are both functional and stylish and now combines her interest in ceramics and textiles to produce a beautiful range of slips and covers to disguise everyday containers such as tins, jars, bottles and jugs. Made from natural calico, handpainted and embroidered and incorporating vintage fabric remnants, lace and buttons, The Cotton Potter's work is clever, chic and versatile. A perfect Christmas gift for someone special, love it!

Found via the wonderfully eclectic Quinquabelle


  1. How gorgeous & clever. Hope she wins the competition!

  2. Love these! Just fabulous. K

  3. I love these, they're wonderful!

  4. Love these, but would love to see her take the textiles back to ceramics and see how that developed.

  5. these are just beautiful!! thanks so much for sharing.


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