Tuesday 24 November 2009


В. Легкобит. Хто що малює. Кто что рисует. Рисунки автора. К.: Веселка. 1968
(Everyone likes to draw)

Stepan Rudanskyi. Вовки. Vova. Волки. Wolves. Рисунки Вячеслава Легкобита. Images of Vyacheslav Legkobita. К.: "Дніпро". K.: "Dnipro". 1973
Перепеличка мала-невеличка. Perepelichka low-Nevelichka. Украинские народные скороговорки. Ukrainian folk patter. Рисунки Вячеслава Легкобита. Images of Vyacheslav Legkobita. К.: Веселка. K.: Veselka. 1975

Just when I thought it couldn't get any better than this, I stumble upon kidpix, a wonderful Russian site about children's literature. Scroll down this page then the next and the next... you will be in heaven. Another magical place to lose yourself for hours and hours. How I love the web!


  1. Beautiful bursts of color...how refreshing and cheerful on this grey fall day.
    ...I feel like drawing.

  2. just oozing with colour, character and inspiration!

  3. these are stunning, thanks for posting. I am amazed by the wonderful things you find.

  4. Wow - great find! These make me want to start painting immediately. Thanks for constantly posting such wonderful images.

  5. Wow this is soooooooo wonderful. Thank you so much.

  6. These are absolutely beautiful, thanks for the link.

  7. Great link, the illustrations and type are beautiful - how cute is the cat with the curly tail??

  8. These blow me away! I had met and favored the radiant Veselka bird before, the rest are all new to me and equally stunning. Thanks for another great find!


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