Thursday 5 November 2009

Play Box

Beautiful children's illustrations by Russian painter and illustrator Tatiana Glebova (1900-1985) taken from this wonderful, hitherto unpublished book of hidden images

found in this superb Play Box edited by Julian Rothenstein at Redstone Press.

I'm thrilled to bits with my Russian Diary for 2010 and couldn't resist this marvellous collection for my children. Redstone's Play Box would make an excellent gift for Christmas. It's chock-full of unusual word games, optical illusions, hold-to-light images, cards, puzzles, flick books and so much more. A perfect present for rainy days, long winter nights and festive family gatherings. No TV, no computers, just good old-fashioned play that won't break the bank. Hurray!


  1. ever mind the kids...I want this for myself!! it'd beautiful!

  2. This is such a magnificent find. I just love the freshness to it. K

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  4. I just found this page. These illustrations are amazing! Thanks for sharing.


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